Tuesday, December 12, 2006

new decor anyone?

Greg and I are planning on re-modeling our kitchen within the next 12 months. While I am not looking forward to the expense (contractors, appliances, etc) I am looking forward to the selection of the stuff in the new kitchen. Since this is a long term project, I am starting well in advance and doing my homework. Which is what led me to this site: http://www.wroughtirondecorstore.com/ I presently have a killer macho hanging pot rack (would've bought the house simply to get this pot rack) and I want to build some of my other kitchen decor around it. I love black wrought iron. It is strong, durable and doesn't look overly feminine, so a man would be comfortable in this kitchen.

This particular store has an incredible selection and even has FREE shipping on orders over $100! (I love FREE!)

So if you too are re-modeling, please share with your wisdom on how you kept from losing your mind, and I will share with you the fabulous places I can find to shop!

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Anonymous said...

Go for the double oven girl! Speaking as an owner, I can tell you that they are great, pricey, but great!