Monday, December 04, 2006

the new puppy

Our friend, Greg AKA The SGM, got a dog. Greg is a frequent dinner guest and both he and his son appear in my portfolio and in my brochure. We're neighbors and friends, and just like friends do, we help each other out. Well, yesterday Greg went and picked up his new puppy. He has named him (for now) Sibelius...

You know...Jean Sibelius, the Finnish composer?? (I love music and *I* didn't know who it was) but Greg is a musician and he honors his love of music by naming his pets various musical names (Maestro, Figaro, the list goes on and on....)

Since *I* am home during the day and Greg is not, I get to walk and play with the puppy (whose name is not finalized. I am trying to convince Greg to name him something strong with a nickname like Buckaroo and he can call him Buck.) But it's HIS dog, not mine. So he gets to choose the name. I get to walk and play with him.

But let me just say, isn't he THE CUTEST?? He's gonna be a big dog. He's part Rhodesian Ridgeback and he has a sweet and gentle nature. I think I am going to like him. He likes me. I bought him treats today.

I might add Sibelius to my portfolio.....just might. Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

Oh, he's CUTE!

And I DO know who Sibelius is...the first thought in my mind was, "Oh, SGM likes to name his dogs after composers!" :)

Sounds like a winner...

SB said...

you RUINED it, Linda...I told SGM that NO ONE would know who that is.....He doesn't pay me any mind.

He'll be pleased that SOMEONE knew who it was. You, him and my husband are of a similar mind.