Sunday, December 17, 2006

oh so cute

Saw this on some other scrapper's blog yesterday and I think I am going to CASE it. Isn't it adorable? I KNOW I don't need yet another calendar...but this is too cute to pass up. I think I am going to make it for Micaela's room and make it one of her Christmas gifts. I have to do SOMETHING (since I totally struck out on Baby so real...)

I made a card this morning. It somehow lost something from my head to the paper. Don't know what happened, but it looked way different in my head.

I'll be glad when Christmas is over. Not because I don't enjoy Christmas.....not at all. You see, my husband is the Church Choir Director and in the Fall and Christmas Season, he attends (and conducts) the 8am service. In order for us to attend as a family, I would have to get the kids up at 0500. My kids are not morning kids....which is why we like 11am service so much. So in January, we go back to 11am service. I miss the fellowship of our church. I miss seeing people, I miss hearing the message that God intends for in January, our church life goes back to normal.....Yeehaw!

Now...I gotta get moving....the laundry is within a basket of being DONE!!! Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

I think I'm going to scraplift that one too...I have a lot of tags that I could put to use.