Thursday, December 07, 2006

organic babies and all

Have you ever thought about going organic? I mean totally organic? Greg and I did the Fat Flush Plan, which relies heavily on organic food. I felt GREAT while doing it. But then I got lazy and it fell by the wayside. You return to what you know.

But what if we grow up knowing only organic, like from the time we’re babies? I know many people who’ve done it. From birth they’re kids are totally organic. Yep, it takes some work. But there are websites like Organic Baby Village that make it easier. It is full of resources, tips and advice.

organic baby

I guess I am thinking about this because a friend just discovered she’s pregnant with her 4th baby (hopefully a girl this time) and it got me to thinking about health and ways to consistently improve it. We all do better with a little help. That site that I mentioned is more than info about organic babies. It gives you product reviews, recipes, environmental issues. I’ve been giving that sort of stuff a lot of thought lately.

I might even watch “An Inconvenient Truth”……nah, probably not.

But seriously, check out that site. It is cool. I am going to send it to my pregnant friend. I know she’ll dig it! I guess I am starting early on health resolutions this year. It's never too early...
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Christy said...

We aren't totally organic by any means, but we eat A LOT of organic products. When Jack was a baby I made all his baby food, all that jar stuff is full of sugars and salts, I nurse him (yep still), we don't drink reg. milk, only organic and it tastes so much better and doesn't have all the harmful hormones.

I have a lot of friends here who are totally organic, one's a little crazy too not so much a friend (Linda knows her! ROFL), but the woman knows her stuff!

When we're in the states we plant a garden, don't use pesticides, and eat all fresh veggies. :)