Thursday, December 14, 2006

random stuff on Thursday

I don't watch the news on TV. I don't care for the talking heads. (I think the news media in general is a bit too left-leaning for my tastes) so I read my news from a variety of sources. All online. I rarely pick up a newspaper.

Anyway, saw this today. My blood just boiled. Parents accused of starving kids win back custody

People who mistreat kids are the lowest of the low.
Learning lots about my camera today, thanks to my husband. He makes an excellent partner in business. I am the creative aspect and he reads the manuals. It works for me!
I am doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and being Suzie Homemaker today. I had a gig yesterday (Anna) and after no laundry on Monday, I am way behind. You know that sock basket is multiplying as we speak....But today, the socks will find their rightful place.
I am also going to the dreaded Post Office. UGH!
I am pausing throughout this very busy day to be thankful and hopeful. I have much to be glad for.

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Linda said...

I did the dreaded post office. There was NO one there! 4 customer service folks behind the and my stroller with 9 boxes (no, yours is not amongst them...still have to make the boys' gifts). I was so surprised. It picked up as we finished. But it took SO little time that I went to the scrapbook store!!!