Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Suzanne hearts the Cuttle Bug

I bought myself my own Christmas gift. I couldn't resist...it was SCREAMING my name.
I promised I would review so here it goes:

(Let me first say that I consider myself a subject matter expert, as I own every one of the die machines currently on the market. Yep, I am spoiled beyond words. I'll be EBaying a few of them soon...)

Here's the official ProvoCraft statement:

Cuttlebug accepts the dies you already own. All of them! Cuttlebug loves the materials you love, freeing you to cut and emboss from a wide range of crafting materials. Compact fold-n-store profile allows storage in less space than other leading machines. With a built-in pop-up handle, Cuttlebug goes wherever you find inspiration!

Now, let's take it one by one:

*yes, I can use ALL of my dies. My Sizzix chunky clunky steel rule dies. All sizes, I can use 'em all. I can use my QuicKutz, without having to mess with that stupid press. I always loved QK alphabets but hated using the Squeeze.
*I have not found a scrapbooking material yet that I can't put through here: paper of any thickness (this is an issue with my Cricut, since it hates Bazzill and Stampin' Up paper and I can only use relatively cheap paper with the Cricut) I can cut VERY thick cardstock, thin metal, fabric, foam, you name it. EVERYTHING so far works...
*Oh my....I do love the embossing. That was truly what sold me. I love the embossing folders. I only bought two so far (thanks and swirls...I really want ALL of them....of course I want all of them!) But seriously, the embossing rocks! I've heard some girls have been able to use their Lasting Impressions brass stencil templates, but I don't see how that is possible.
*The footprint of the CuttleBug (herein referred to as CB for brevity's sake) is smaller than the Sizzix and half of the Cricut. It takes up very little space and it folds up for simple storage. And it has an easy pull-up handle. LOVE that. I don't know the exact weigh but it's much lighter than my Sizzix. I don't have to worry as much about broken toes if my kids pick it up.
*The dies, embossing folders and alphabets are CHEAP (and we've already established, I am Senora El Cheapo (actually that would be La Cheapa but just go with it, ok?) QuicKutz average about $150.00, Sizzix is around the same: CB's alphas are $79.99 and you can use a Michael's coupons for a tremendous savings! The dies are about $6, the embossing folders are $8 and coupons can used!
*also the crank of the CB is much easier for people with weak hands, arthritis or kids to operate.
*did I mention it's way cheaper? QK costs over $150 to start up, Sizziz has dropped due to competition but still you'll drop $70 on the machine without dies, and CB can be had for $80.00.

Now, there are some small disadvantages: (very small)
*Cricut offers control over font size. CB does not. (but how often do you NEED a 5" letter?)
....uuh...that's the ONLY disadvantage I can see.

Owning all of them, I think I will be reaching for my CB more often. I am pleased as punch with it so far. No one paid me to say this stuff. I just believe in sharing information.

If I were picking out of all three, I would choose CB #1, then Cricut #2.
If I were buying Suzanne a Christmas gift, I would make it a gift certificate for more CB dies and embossing folders. (Ain't that slick how I worked that in there??) Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

Sorry Suz...your gifts are already boughten (like that???)...

And *I* love 5 inch letters, lol! The bigger, the better...nice monograms!

L8ybug2 said...

You can save even more at Happy Scrappin' Scrapbooking. The machine itself sells for $59.99 and the Embossing Folders are $4.24 and the set of 4 is $5.99. The alphabets are $59.99. I've ordered from them and they are quick. I plan on buying from them again. If you're interested here is the address to their site.
I just found your blog and will be putting it in my favorites.

SB said...

Welcome Rita!
I shop at Happy Scrappin, too! I adore that place....I bought almost all of my enbossing folders there. Have you run into a storage issue with them? I did and I solved it by buying some plastic storage folders on Ebay. Check them out: seller's id is *everythingbyhand* and she's very quick....


Amy said...

My cuttlebug is new and I just got some emobossing folders yesterday...but just FYI, JoAnn's online has a great selection, good prices and NO SHIPPING costs!! Thanks for your info!

Amy said...

Thanks for your thoughts! Just for your infor, I bought supplies for my cb at JoAnn's online. They don't charge shipping and the folders are $5 and the big dies are $15. I thought it was a good deal - better than all the sites that charge 4.24 but then also charge shipping.

SB said...

JoAnn's also took forever to ship my stuff the one time I ordered from them. It might have been an isolated incident but they were slow. When I buy from my other online sot, I have them in my hands within 3 days tops. PLUS she throws in freebies.