Wednesday, December 20, 2006

this place ROCKS

First of all, I apologize for the crappy example I am providing for you. This is a quickie demo of the embossing capability of the CB (CuttleBug). I used my brayer and inked it and it looks really good in person but scans really flat. Plus the card is TOTALLY boring. I just wanted to talk about the CB for a second though.

I still love it. And I bought some new embossing folders for it. I searched high and lo locally for the SNOWFLAKE one. No one had it. And you know, Mrs. Compulsive, gotta have it. So I ordered it online.

I ordered this and another one from a place I'd never shopped at. Don't know how I found them, probably a link on someone else's blog....but they ROCK! I ordered them and, I kid you not, in two days they were here! All the way from UTAH! And I even got a lil freebie thingie.....The prices were cheap, STELLAR customer service and shipping to beat all. Where is this place you ask? It's here: So they have LOTS of stuff and it's cheaper for CB and Cricut stuff. They even have the 4 new Cricut cartridges (which I will not be buying..I will resist....Besides, I am considering EBaying my Cricut...seriously.)

Anyway, I love my CB. Love the embossing. Just love it....and I love that new scrap store. Going to be going back there again soon!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love love your blog. You not only share a lot of cool sites and information, but much of yourself as well. Have a super Christmas and a great time in AK! I know I, and I'm sure I speak for most of the rest of your readers, will miss your blog entries while you're gone.