Wednesday, December 13, 2006

watching out

It's a scary world today. Especially when you have teenagers or young adults who use your computer. I was reading a story recently about a girl who met a guy online....she ended up hurt by this man, whom she'd grown to like. She was 14, he was 41. SCARY stuff, man.

But what do you do if your a parent trying to watch over your child? Sure, I am a little paranoid, but if I were a parent whose child had computer access, I would be watching very carefully. So carefully in fact that I would most likely install a keystroke capture program. I don't think of it as spying. I think of it as another level of protection and that's a parents job.

This would have many uses: catching kids before predators do, pinpointing a cheating spouse, employers could monitor how much time is wasted in the workday. These programs have far reaching implications.

Check out eBlaster 5.0:

Let eBlaster Show You EVERYTHING They Do Online! eBlaster is the most dependable, full-featured remote surveillance product available from the worldwide leader in Internet monitoring software. Robust and secure for the most demanding businesses, yet easy for even computer novices to install and use effectively, eBlaster provides both Instant Notification Email and Chat Alerts with Comprehensive Hourly and Daily Activity Reports .

Be Copied IMMEDIATELY On Their:
• Emails • Chats • Instant Messages • Sensitive Words and Phrases

Receive Detailed Hourly Email Reports Of ALLTheir Internet And PC Activity, Including:
• Emails sent and received • Both sides of Chats and Instant Messages • Web Sites visited
• Sensitive Words and Phrases • Programs launched • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) files downloaded
• Every Keystroke typed • Logon/Logoff activity

Download And Install eBlaster In Under 10 Minutes

I think a keystroke capture program is useful. If I were in the market, I would look no further than It's a one stop shop for your needs.

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