Saturday, December 09, 2006

wedding in paradise HAWAII

It's chilly here in Virginia this morning, as I totally stress over the prep for the TOG Christmas Kids' what am I doing? stress-baking and dreaming.....

I am thinking about Hawaii.....and weddings. I am all about romance's why. My husband has been working so hard this week, that I wish I could just whisk him off to Hawaii and have a REAL vacation. He went in May and he loved it.

I think if I were planning a wedding, Iwould pick Hawaii. I would, seriously. Who wouldn't want to get married here? It's warm, the view is awesome. And it's totally romantic.....Not to mention it's very cheap to get married there. It really is. I know a girl who did the whole Maui Wedding Package and it was cheaper than anything she could've had in the Lower 48.

I would marry Greg all over again.....who knows? maybe I will. I could go to
href="Maui'>">Maui Weddings and get everything I need. Man, I would love to photograph someone's wedding there.....wouldn't that be sweet? But that wouldn't work, because most of those packages are so generous, they include photos. GO look at these packages....makes me wanna be single and planning a wedding again. They just didn't have this stuff when Greg and I were planning:

OOOh, better yet! Maybe I'll do weddings from October to February when we retire. That's what a lot of Alaskans do: they go to Hawaii. So here in Virginia, it's 16 degrees (which I love), but I wishing that I were in Maui, with my sweetie. Sugary sweet, I know.

Okay, enough dreaming...I gotta get back to making cookies. But if you're getting married, I would seriously consider the whole tropical paradise Hawaii wedding package. And if you need a photographer, I am available!! Posted by Picasa

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