Sunday, December 03, 2006

what I love...

I took pictures of a friend's neice today. We'll call her "K". She's a beautiful little girl whose smile crinkles her eyes. She looks just like her mother. And while I would love to show you her pictures, I cannot. Mainly because they might be someone's Christmas present, and also because I don't have permission. Her Uncle (our friend the SGM) cannot give that authorization...but she sure was a happy and willing subject.

Anyway....I was acting like a goof during the shoot. Snapped about 150 pictures. Snapped one of my friend Greg and he returned the favor. Which explains how I got this picture. I was giggling and laughing which you cannot see. I had fun. I love taking pictures. I love being BEHIND the camera. (You can't tell it but that's my new killer macho 18-180mm Olympus lens and my FL-36 external flash....go ahead......"Oooh & aaahh" camera is my one material possesion that I treasure.)

It was a better day than yesterday. my Greg is feeling better. What a miserable birthday. No respite, puking kid, boring movie ("You,Me & Dupree" sucked)..Today was definitely better. I hope tomorrow is even better. Think positive.... Posted by Picasa


Scott B. said...

Who is that uggggggggggggggllllllllly one?

*** Just joking ;-) ***

SB said...

I *am* ugly. YOu finally noticed.


Linda said...

I can see you laughing behind the camera! Good shot!