Saturday, January 06, 2007


My sinuses woke up today and realized that they are in VA and not AK, and they let me know they're still not happy with my recent globe-trotting.

I woke up super early this morning, even though I could have slept for 10 more hours, so I could FORCE my body to recognize what time zone it's really in....what did this get me? Clean laundry, some cards made and unfortunately, a wicked headache. But I am tired...whereas if I had stuck to what my body really wanted, I'd be up till about 2a.m. Not good.

Did a bunch of piddly stuff today: the paper recycling, cut a bunch of cardstock, the never-ending perpetual chronic re-arranging and straightening of my hardly used scrap space. I re-arrange it more than I use it...seriously.

Greg and I going back on the Hard Core Fat Flush Plan. Both of us got lazy...okay, *I* got lazy. But now, after the holidays, we're back and focused on our health. I am on Day Two and all I can think about is salt...SALT. SALT!!! I don't miss sugar, I miss and crave salt. I actually had a pretzel today, just ONE. I sat there with it in my mouth until it turned to mush, but man, did that salt taste gooooood. When we did the Plan before, we allowed ourselves one "Naughty Meal" each week. It'll be worth it....My problem is that I lack discipline. I am lazy. I don't like working harder than I have to (who does?) But I have to do this...I would hate to get a diagnosis or be dying of something that I could have PREVENTED. That will just piss me off.....I am morbid. I think, "Man, my kids would be super pissed at me if I dropped dead of a heart attack and I was just too lazy to do something about it..." and I don't want that.....

So, I am focused: MY HEALTH MATTERS. I am not trying to look like a SuperModel. But I would like to be healthier. Wish me luck. I know I am going to dream of eating my way through a 50 gallon drum of Lay's potato chips. (I don't want to actually eat them, I just wanna lick the salt off...) :-) here's to a Healthier me.....!!

Our cable went out, for no we're stuck watching DVDs until Monday. I am SERIOUSLY thinking about getting Dish Network. Our cable bills are horrendous and Sat TV would be way cheaper...Any feedback, advice or comments on Sat TV would be appreciated...
Movies watched:
last night "Y Tu Mama' Tambien" (C+) I prefer some of Gael Garcia Bernal's other films to this one, Tonight's movie is "Sin City" (it looks dark...) Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

Here's to a healthier you, too!

I'm wanting salt all the time too...but chocolate as well...sigh.

welcome home...

Anonymous said...

So what's your opinion of Sin City? I've wanted to see it for a while now, but still have not.


SB said...

Janie, darling.
DO NOT rent Sin City. It was boooorrrring. I turned it off after maybe 20 minutes. And that says a lot because usually I will watch ANYTHING with Clive Owen or Bruce Willis in it....

D+ at best.
Tonight it's another foriegn film. It's weird. I speak spanish fluently and STILL read the subitles.

Freaky, man.


Christy said...

My parents and my best friend have dish network and they both love it! Neither of them have had any complaints. Both had Direct parents simply couldn't figure out the remote and although neither are overwhelmingingly technological brains, they're not idiots...they could not get the stupid thing to turn on! My best friend also had
Direct TV for a while and she really did not like them and said their customer service was some of the worst she'd ever dealt with.
Now that I think about it I have a couple more friends with Dish Network and they both really like them as well. My brother is also going to be getting them in the next month or so!

So although it's 2nd hand for me, 3rd hand for you....I say Dish Network is a great option.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning on Sin City. I trust your opinion. I've left it on the shelf this long, I guess forever won't cause me too much grief.