Tuesday, January 16, 2007

another one bites the dust....

It's true.
ANOTHER local scrapbook stores is shutting its doors.
Memories, which was bought out by Paper Zone, is shutting. And it's not just MY store. It's ALL of the stores on the East Coast. ALL OF THEM!

For me, this is big because it's the closest store I have to my house. It was not my favorite but still....sad to see them close. On the brighter side, I did buy some stuff at 40% off. Like ALL of the Bazzill Root Beer brown paper they had left. (I adore that color...)

The next closest LSS is in Ashburn.....Ashburn Family Scrapbooking Center to be exact. I have talked about them before. They're small but well-stocked. The owner, whose name I do not even know, is smart and buys well. Technically, Recollections is closer but I don't shop there if I can help it. I think they are WAY over-priced (they are owned by Michael's, of course) and they're too chain-ish, ya know?

If I don't shop at AFS, I shop online. Let's face it...the brick and mortar stores really have to try HARD to beat some of the online deals....I have a list of Go-To scrap stores online. We all have our favorites. What's yours? I am trying not to spend any money lately on scrap stuff...

One of my "resolutions" this year was to USE WHAT I HAVE, in all areas of my life. USE IT UP! It's obviously a carry over from my Challenge from last year (that I still have not finished).

Exciting news: I am photographing twin girls this weekend, for their modeling portfolios. FUN! Wish me luck! Okay back to work.... Posted by Picasa


rennratt said...

I haven't scrapped in over a year.

I have a box of photos (and 2 empty books) to prove it.

I need inspiration to get started again, but don't know anyone locally to help push me back into it.

Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean! Many things are overpriced and expensive these days. I still think though, that if it's something you truly love, saving money and getting what you want, perhaps even need, can be extremely rewarding when you finally get it. You know you really want something if you are willing to make sacrifices for it and work hard to achieve it.