Tuesday, January 23, 2007

lessons of my fridge

Warning: corny, sappy, drippy post ahead. Proceed at your own risk...

I was running verrrry late this morning. Woke up AN HOUR late. As a result, everything in my morning was 90mph instead of the leaisurely 55mph I usually go....I was not pleased with myself. I did not fuss at the kids. It wasn't their fault that I had clicked snooze...IT WAS MY FAULT entirely. Still, Micaela had to get a tardy slip (which she was very bothered by) and Jonathan had to have his ultra-UN-cool Mom drive him to school. Hey, even kids with special needs don't want them MOMS around them at school......

anyhow, I digress....

I was rushing to Adam's Science class.
I was rushing to get gas.
to run errands.
that was the theme of my day.

Since it was early dismissal, I wanted to be home for fix Jonathan a lunch in case he didn't transition well with this change. Of course, that was rushed, too. After taking care of that, I leaned against my kitchen counter and took the first deep breath of the day. I help my steaming cup of tea against my face to ward off the sinus icks that are coming my way. I was feeling more than a little "put upon"....

Mentally, with eyes closed, I was going over the LIST.
You know, the list that never ends. The things that I need to get done.
The laundry.
Turn in paperwork for one of the kids.
Finish my husband's work laundry.
Finish up my aggressive but thoughtful marketing plan...
THE LIST never ends....

And so I stood there.
And tears sprung to my eyes.
I opened them and saw my fridge.
And it stopped me in my tracks.

I just breathed and stared at it.
Sure it holds my food.
But today it held the Lesson God wanted me to hear.

It says: "You may be too busy. Don't forget to breathe."
It says, "You're forgetful. Change the date."
it says, "Your children are artists."
it says, "your life is full of love."

So I just breathed that in.
And I said thanks to my fridge and to God for putting me in my place.

Now.....I have to go finish the laundry.
And I'm going to smile while I am doing it.

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Linda said...

okay girl - that is a definite "Big Picture" moment...and you need to scrap it. The journalling is right here, in this post.