Tuesday, January 30, 2007

not waiting for perfection

I am a lazy scrapper.
I scrap when I have time, which is never to rare.
So I had this stack of photos, each one important, each one represents a memory, some small, some very important. So I usedmy trusty square punch and punched them all. Just stuck them on the page and called it good. It feels like cheating though, like not scrapbooking. It looks more like a timeline rather than a scrapbook page.

But I got tired of waiting for "perfect".
Not perfect scrapbooking. Since art is subjective, there is no perfect scrapbooking.
I'm talking about waiting till all the stars are aligned and life is perfect and all of the housework is done and I can sit and relax and scrapbook uninterrupted. HA!

That ain't gonna happen.
So I just stuck them to the page and did a hasty HANDWRITTEN journaling.
And that's the way it is: not perfect but it's done.

I do love looking back over the last 7, almost 8 years, of mine and Greg's life together. From the first picture taken together to the most recent. It is a timeline, of all we've celebrated, endured and loved. And that is something I treasure. The cool thing about this LO is that I remember exactly the story behind each picture. Each and every one of them.

Love these moments. They're gone before you know it. Posted by Picasa


bethtrue said...

Amen sister - very well said!!

Linda said...

whoa...that's AWESOME...an idea I MUST, MUST, *MUST* scraplift soon...I have so many pictures that I could do that with. It's gorgeous, minimalist, perfect. So true, so you.