Thursday, January 11, 2007

oh young love.....

Micaela is in love.
Sure she's only 6 1/2 but she's convinced that she's going to marry this boy.
Who's the boy? A sweetie pie of a boy named Quentin. He's also 6, in her class.
She says he's the right guy because (and I quote) "he's polite, holds the door for me and tells me I am not a stinker."

Well, is that ain't true love, what is? In Quentin's corner, he does come from a great family and he wears glasses and he's smart. His mom and I laughed about this at the class Christmas party...

I found this drawing in her room this morning and my heart just leapt. It's just so precious. But man, she's gonna hate me someday when she tracks all of this down on the internet....

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