Sunday, February 18, 2007

1,000th post's my 1000th post.
Holy mole'....
When I started this blog, I did it for personal reasons that truly benefitted me.
I didn't expect to form friendships, and learn things.
Here, I found an outlet.
I am grateful that anyone reads it.

I feel like I should share something with y'all. So I will share this link, which I shameless stole from Lisa Bearnson's blog. She talked of the constancy (demands) of motherhood and linked this song. Some of you might need this. God knows I did: going on like 5th snow day and I'm frazzled...

I'm sitting with a cup of tea and pondering a lot of things.

I watched half of "An Inconvenient Truth". I am a fierce Republican with little tolerance for Al Gore. I believe he believes what he's saying but I think he has an agenda just like everyone else. I think the movie was a big political ploy. It reeks of leftist props. I didn't care for it.

I am strategizing (is that a word?) about business and advertising. Big decisions that I have to make. I want to be a "success" but I don't want to compromise the balance that I have at home. NOTHING is more important than being my kids' mom. Not a darn thing. My kids' have never seen the inside of a day care and never will. I want (and need) to be here for them. So I have decisions to make....

Dinner....I've decided to go crock-pot the remainder of the month. If you send me your favorite crockpot recipe (it cannot have cheese in it...I HATE CHEESE.) I'll be forever grateful. It's one thing getting a recipe out of a book, but I need REAL recipes...

I'm going to go semi-clean the kitchen and get ready for some couch time with my lil germ-makers.



Anonymous said...

Stuffed peppers is (are?) a favorite crockpot dinner for my family. I don't really have a recipe. I mix ground beef with uncooked rice, some chopped onion, and seasonings (black pepper, garlic powder). Hollow out some green or red bell peppers, and stuff the meat mixture into them. (Don't pack it too tight, because the rice needs space to expand.) Put into the crockpot, toss in some onion slices and/or garlic cloves, and pour a can of tomatoes (puree or crushed) over it all. It takes all day to cook so that the rice isn't crunchy. Hope you like it.


PattiB said...

Hi Suzanne-
I have been "lurking" on your blog for a few weeks after I cam across it looking for scrapbooking ideas. I am also in Northern Virginia (and getting tired of the snow/snow days..and ready to send my Kindergartner back to school tomorrow). Here is a great recipe I wanted to husband loves the meat/carrot part of pot roast but won't eat the potatoes~CARBS~ so I make this and put it over rice/egg noogles for my son & I). Hope you like it..Patti (Manassas, VA)
Crock Pot Delight

2-3 pound Roast
1-2 teaspoons steak seasoning
small bag fresh baby carrots
1/2 cup of water
1 sweet onion
1 big potato, cubed
1 package onion dip seasoning
2 cans garlic flavored mushrooms
1 can (flavored diced tomatoes - optional)

Combine all ingredients and cook on low all day.
Serve on bed of rice or bow-tie pasta.
Yummy! Enjoy!

mandy said...

this is a favorite this time of year since it filling and warm.
it serves 6 with a side salad or can be doubled if you pot is big enough.
2 pounds eye of round ( roast or steaks, whats cheaper,lol)cut into cubed and brown on all sides in a frying pan.
in crock pot add one can of cream of mushroom soup, one dry package of onion soup mix, one can beef broth and if you like one can of sliced mushrooms(I like the mushrooms and they are easy to pick out for the kids but it wouldn't make a difference without them) and mix well. add browned meat and pan juices and cover and turn on high for 5 hours.
after 5 hours stir and turn to warm until your ready. just have to make some egg or no yolks noodles and toss a salad. enjoy!!!

Linda said...

Happy 1,000!!!!!!!

Who woulda thunk it? I'll email you my fave crockpot ideas....just have to dig 'em out.