Wednesday, February 28, 2007

an actual scrapbook page

You know....I call myself a scrapbooker...but I have not done a scrapbook page in FOREVER. So I swore today that if I finished the laundry that I would treat myself to making a scrap LO. I did it! It's a little boring, way basic, the eyelets are crooked, but hey! I am not aiming for perfection anymore!

Shortly after Christmas, Greg and I were playing with the remote control for my camera (one of my Christmas gifts) and took a whole bunch of pictures of us together. So these pictures are the result of all that goofiness. You can read the journaling, if you're really nosey :)
I just have to "let go", you know. You look in the scrap magazines (which I don't subscribe to) and the pages are totally doo-dadded out (I know that's not a real word...) but they're over-embellished and maxed out. They look overdone to me. But that's my opinion. I know I am a Simple Scrapper. In 15 years, my kids won't care about the doo-dads. They will care about the stories. And that's what I am making it all about.
Forget the doo-dads.
Remember the stories.

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