Monday, February 26, 2007

cards done recently

I sneak down to the basement as frequently as I am able.
This does not happen much.
But I do try. I am just about to give up completely on all hobbies.
These are two cards I made. I forced myself to "step outside my zone". I am not a fan of the colors orange or yellow. I think they're lovely colors.....for other people. I know someone whose fave color is orange so I thought of that person while making the orange card. It just felt so wrong to me.....Then the St Patrick's Day card...I woke up in the middle of the night with the coolest idea for a card...sadly, the idea was gone when I woke up fully. But in my dream, it rocked. This was the best I could do. The shamrock sucks, I looks awful. I will re-do it..Like I said, I am just about at the "give up" point..... school was cancelled. Big shocker there. I just wish the County would grow a pair and say "know what? We're just cancelling school for all of February..." I could handle that. But this "cancel school EVERY time a small amount of snow falls" is getting old.
Do I sound cranky? I am. But dinner is made. Laundry is done. Even my bed is made.
Gonna watch yet another movie tonight. Watched "The Prestige" last night. it was okay....I also watched "The Journalist and the Jihadi" (heartbreaking story of Daniel Pearl and the terrorist who killed him). Also watched another documentary. I basically sat on my butt on the couch for the whole weekend.

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Linda said...

I love both of those really like those embossing folders, don't you....

I think the clover looks fine! I love how you used punched hearts for it. Too cute.

May have to rent that movie about Daniel Pearl.

There's nothing wrong with sitting on your butt all weekend and resting. You work hard, you deserve it!