Wednesday, February 28, 2007

did you see Bob Woodruff?

How many of you watched Oprah yesterday? I never watch that show. Yeah she does great things but her stance on marriage annoys me so I rarely watch. I shouldn't say never...I maybe watch it 3x a year. I watched yesterday and man, I am glad that I did.

Lee and Bob Woodruff

It was Lee and Bob Woodruff's first interview. He's the ABC anchor who was nearly killed in Iraq, when his convoy was hot by an IED. The fact that this man is alive is nothing short of a miracle. I was bawling watching that interveiw yesterday. VERY touching. I also watched his ABC special last night: "To Iraq and Back". Highlights what our wounded servicemembers go through. I was crying off and on watching that. It is heart-wrenching to watch these men (and some women, although none were shown) come back with TBI's.

I think Bob Woodruff is a walking miracle.

I think his wife and children exhibit a strength and grace that is immeasureable.

I sat there thinking, "I just don't know what I would do if something like that happened to Greg...". I guess I would find the strength somewhere....but you never know until you're tested, do you?

Their amazing story is written in their book "In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healingby Lee Woodruff and Bob Woodruff Read an Excerpt

Soldiers' Story: Triumph, Tragedy for Injured Vets

Bob Woodruff's Miraculous Recovery

I am already on the waiting list at my local library. Just had to share!


Linda said...

it's my fault you watched Oprah yesterday, lol...I was sending vibes out. Yes, I watched it, and the evening special. What an amazing story. The evening special really hit home - I feel so bad for those guys who have TBI and are not getting the care they need. These guys nearly died for this country and how are they being repaid?

PattiB said...

I missed Oprah but caught the special last night and more of their interview on GMA this morning. I was bawling right there along with you. What amazing strength Lee has. I agree, I have no idea how I wuld handle it if it happened to my family, but I pray I would do it with the courage and grace that she did.