Tuesday, February 20, 2007

goodness from Nana

A box arrived this weekend. A box from Nana (Greg's mom), she lives in Iowa....

It had a beautiful hand-knitted poncho/shawl for Micaela and a scarf for Adam. Micaela could hardly be contained....she was totally into the shawl. I continue to be in awe of my mother-in-law (she doesn't read here so I am NOT sucking up for MIL points...) She has knitted ALL of the afghans in my house (every bed/couch has one!) and they each reflect the owner's personality and color style. Each is a work of art. I love homemade gifts way better than anything you could buy. I can't knit and I am in awe of those who can.

Adam totally digs his scarf. He just won't allow me to take a picture.

Also Micaela is holding her new mini Care Bear (thrift store, $0.25). I was machine machine washing some of her stuffed animals and the purple Care Bear (who is the sister of her Pink care bear) suffered a fatal blow: her head came off. So I had to give Micaela her St Patrick's Day present a bit early.....But now the Pink care bear has a baby brother, named Lucky. Micaela simply said, "Yeah, he'll be lucky if his head doesn't come off..."

Busy busy weekend. I did some online Photoshop tutorials. I am learning more about photo manipulation. This morning it's Science class and recycling. Maybe I'll take some pictures today.

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