Wednesday, February 14, 2007

have an ICE day

1. Northern Virginians are not equipped for any sort of real weather.
2. They cancelled school for not only one day BUT TWO.
3. My Valentine is out of town.....but I know he's thinking of me.
4. There is no Coke, no chocolate in my house.
5. #4 is the most pressing thing on my list.

All joking aside, last night our area was blanketed with sleet and ice. The ONLY day there is snow on my path (you know....the PATH that I photographed for my Four Season series) and I can't safely drive there....Well, I know I could, But I don't dare. Greg would not be happy if I flipped my Volvo into a ravine.

Good news is that I will be crafty today. By golly, I will!
I already made 4 cards today. Sure they're all duplicates of the same card but still.....I am beefing up my "Ready Cards". It's a box that I can pull a ready-made custom card from in a greeting card emergency. Only another stamp would understand my statement....

My next post will have the BLOG CANDY, because everyone deserves something sweet on Valentine's day... Posted by Picasa

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