Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm okay with this

I have a friend, Kim. She's a very smart, motivated, compassionate woman. (She used to be a crazed foaming at the mouth Liberal-Democrat, pretty sure she still is). I never agreed with her politics but I adored her. Her friendship remains a treasure to me. One thing she and I disagreed vehemently on was this: child predators. Molesters, Perverts. Whatever you wanna call them. I call them scum.

She was against the Sex Offender Registry. Saying it's double jeopardy.
I say "nail them to the wall."
She said it was punishing someone twice for the same crime, unfair, blah blah blah....
I say "Stick them in a hole."

I have NO SYMPATHY for people who hurt children. NONE. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

So when I saw this: Ohio wants special car plates for sex offenders... I thought "Boy, Kim's gonna hate that...." but I kind of like it. Of course, I am the one who thinks kiddie diddlers should also be branded on the forehead and be forced to wear fuschia/hot pink at all times. That way we can spot them at the park, on the street, anywhere.

I will never underesimate why we, as a society, protect the criminal and not the innocent.
Kim and I would argue until a vein was bulging on my forehead.
I know we're all God's children....I know there should be forgiveness...but that's between them and God. While they're here, I think they should suffer. A lot.

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