Saturday, February 03, 2007

itchy and sleepy

Developed an allergic reaction late last night after returning from the Stamp Camp that I went to. Was covered in hives. I was just about to draw blood because I was scratching so hard. Luckily, Greg helped me with the Benadryl spray, cream AND pills and I was able to stop itching and just pass out. I felt completely hungover this morning, but I got up because it was RESPITE DAY (and nothing gets in the way of 5 kid-free hours.)

But still the itching persisted. The hives came back when I was shopping today in Kohl's. People steapped away from me as if I was contagious. Of course, the maniacal stratching was a bit odd, I know.

So I came home, doped up and passed out again.

Then the hives came back I am headed for a Bendryl-drug induced slumber now. So if this entry makes no sense, you know why at least.

No church tomorrow. I can't go like this. My hands are swollen so much that it hurts to type...

Starting a busy week. Just found out that my husband has Monday off. Lucky guy! He's working on a cool project. Hand-carving ten beautiful unique crosses that will be auctioned off for our church. Last time he auctioned off his woodworks, he was able to help raise over $10,000 for the church. He feels called by God to do that, which I think is truly awesome. SO on his Monday day off, I'll know he'll be holed up in the shop.

I am going to try to scrapbook some tomorrow. That is, of course, if I have no hives.

Hives suck.

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