Friday, February 02, 2007

news and stuff

Happy Groundhog Day.
Phil says we're going to have an Early Spring.
Phil rocks.

News to report:
*still doing more tests on that health issue that I mentioned ysterday.
More extensive (and invasive) testing will follow. I am praying, so is Greg. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. It's probably nothing, but my luck (genetically speaking) really really sucks. Since I am a pessimist (who's married to an optimist), I am not taking all of this well. But I have my faith and I have turned this over to God. Besides, worrying just hurts me worse and I can't do anything about it anyway. But I am a control freak who has to be in charge. This is God's gentle of reminding me that I am so NOT in charge. and that's how it is. I'll give you news as I am able.
*Micaela's tooth is precariously loose. She's dismayed every morning when she sees that it's still attached. Personally speaking, the Tooth Fairy is not ready (with goodies on hand) so I guess TF better get her butt moving! In our house, for one tooth you get $1.00, one new book, a new toothbrush and a new toothpaste perferably a nasty flavor.
*Tomorrow is respite. Respite is a godsend. We're having lunch at Carrabba's. I've haven't had lunch ar Carrabba's since I left Texas.....and that's a LONG time...
*Business stuff is keeping me busy. I am joining the Chamber of Commerce. Very excited about some of the stuff that they have coming up.
*I'm literally counting the days until they ship my Silohuette. I can't believe I bought it. It better be good. I already gave up my Cricut....
*This is the 4th day in a row that I have worked out. I'm trying and isn't that what really matters. I had an epiphany while working out today. And it (and God) lifted me up. I feel great today.

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Sue said...

Best of luck on your medical issue. I am thinking about you. Love epiphanies don't you? Enjoy your Carrabbas -- I don't know that we have any around here - never heard of it but boy am I craving a local Thai restaurant in a big way...need to get going on begging :)

Linda said...

You know I'm praying....have you made it to Curves? Are you liking it? Enjoy Carrabba's...I LOVE their bread and the olive oil dip....yummy!

Anonymous said...

I've been totally blocked out from reading your blog at work now, so now I only get to see your site at home. I'm not exactly sure what's going on with you medically, but I promise you, you'll be in my prayers! God bless you in every way!