Monday, February 19, 2007

oh, what a day!

Started out my day arguing with someone I care for....NOT fun.
I am praying like mad that they have school tomorrow. I am ready for (relative) peace and quiet. I cleaned off the scrap table. It looks soooooo good. I found stuff that I didn't even know I owned. Sad, isn't it? I might skip some sleep tonight and just stay down there by myself...
Went to Target with Jonathan. Just he and I. He likes having me to himself.
Thanks to everyone who has sent me crockpot recipes. (I'm going to try PattiB's recipe first...) I do love my crockpot. It's truly a Mom's best buddy....I will be glad to share MY favorite recipe (it's Lazy Day Stew)....I'll type it out eventually.
I am off to make tortilla wraps now. Smoked turkey, wild rice, whole kernel corn and the tiniest bit of gravy, wrapped in a homemade tortilla. (Greg adds cheese...ick!)
I am hoping to watch a movie. I managed to watch three documentaries and a feature film in the past few days.
Okay, I am just babbling to make dinner!

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