Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday

It's Self Portrait Tuesday.
Taken with my camera phone.
While I was in the ER this morning.
Having trouble breathing.
Here's the short story: Went to a friend of a friend's house, she had 3 cats, I had a SEVERE allergic reaction complete with total body hives for the last 5 days. In the past 2 days, I've had some trouble breathing and my lips and tongue started to swell, compromising my airway. Greg insisted, pleaded and pretty much demanded that I go to the ER today. My family doctor agreed. But I am a stubborn (and stupid).
My lips started to swell again while they were doing my H&P and they took me back in for an immediate breathing treatment. Same thing they do for folks with asthma (which I don't have).
This week, I get to start tests for a bunch of other things.
Not happy. But with the steroids, an inhaler, and a truckload of Benadryl, I will be okay.
My nurse just giggled when she saw me taking pictures of myself. When I told her that I was a blogger, she laughed even harder...
So the excitement continues...
Tomorrow, life, complete with laundry and my Curves workout continues.
Thanks to those of you who are praying for me. I can feel it.

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Linda said...

You should have gone to the ER on MONDAY, woman! but I am glad you finally went, and whether you have asthma or not, the breathing treatments and inhalers do help a lot.

Yes...praying as always.

Sue said...

I am with Linda -- should gone sooner to ER -- don't screw with your breathing girl!!!