Tuesday, February 20, 2007

stuck song....

You ever get a song stuck in your head? And you can't get it out...? Currently the one in my head is "Rocking the Suburbs" from Ben folds five......ya know, from the kids' movie "Over the Hedge"..?

but more importantly, I am TOTALLY stuck on my CuttleBug. I love that lil green machine. Can we call it a machine since it's non-electric? Anyhow.....If you've yet to discover it.. head on over to Craft Critique because this week, we're looking at the Cuttlebug.. (They even feature one of MY blog entries from like FOREVER ago....)

Find out what to do if you've got 'mat' problems (I had them 6 months ago, ProvoCraft sent me 2 sets of new mats) there's a million things you can do with the cuttlebug, and many different looks you can create... and while you're there you can participate in the Craft Critique Carnival...
Go head down there to find out more.. i.e. click here

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