Wednesday, February 07, 2007

things I am lovin' today.....

(totally random. There's no order to these....)
from Hero Arts.....(I do so want these...but I will NOT buy them.
I WON'T and you can't make me!!) .....-I know, you're sitting there thinking, she'll cave!--
love their blog. It's high in my Bloglines list....I bought a SD card from them today. 2GB, $50 WITH a $50 the Hubby says "It's a no-brainer"....
My Silohuette arrives tomorrow by FedEx....I'll be a Chamber of Commerce breakfast when it's delivered, but you KNOW what I'll be playing with in the afternoon!!

I'm in a good mood. Might even do the sock basket before it rubs off.
I feel more like myself today. Still a bit wheezy but nothing my trusty inhaler can't handle.

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Linda said...

Yay for you - I LOVE great the free choxie bars at Target (did you get those coupons???). I MISSED on the great shoe deal at amazon, though...sigh.