Tuesday, February 13, 2007


1. have not played with my Silhouette again since the other day. It's sitting beside my desk, torturing me. But Greg is headed out of town later in the week and I will not sleep, I will play and scrap!

2. I am (hopefully) being whisked out on a romantic date. To dinner and dessert. WITH NO KIDS. The ever-faithful SGM is baby-sitting. Isn't that the sweetest? Hopefully the weather will allow this. It's semi-snowing here. I say "semi" because it's a light mist of snow. It's the freezing temps and potential for ICE could be a problem. I have complete in my own driving abilities but it's the REST of the people on the road. I know...you're thinking, "that's what they're thinking about you!" People freak here when it rains too much, snows at all, or gets too hot. They don't do extreme weather here. Bunch of wimps...

3. I am going to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" tomorrow, if it's a snow day. I don't know what I dread more: watching that movie or being home with snow-crazed kids. I am not at all convinced that man is too blame for the "global warming". I think Al Gore has as much an agenda as anyone, maybe more so. But I am going to watch the movie, because I do like to listen to BOTH sides...

4. I made 4 cards in the last two days. I can't show you any of them, because I am mailing a few out to people who might read here.

5. I bought new and exciting photography equipment today. A backdrop stand holder thingie. This is not the official name, but it works for me. I also bought a new back drop. I am also signed up a class in April. Exciting stuff.......


By the way, tomorrow in celebration of Valentine's Day (a contrived and senseless marketing fest), I will be offering BLOG CANDY so make sure and stop by tomorrow..... Posted by Picasa

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