Thursday, February 08, 2007

up front

Tonight was Micaela's 1st grade school musical.
The ENTIRE 1st grade was involved. The songs were precious and everyone enjoyed themselves. Micaela was right up front. Dead center. Show-stopping cuteness galore. I would have never expected her to be so comfortable right up front. I am glad that she's more comfortable in her own skin than when we first started her in school. I worried so much, how her fragile x would prevent her from joining in. Well, tonight she just floored me. I had tears in my eyes watching my sweet beautiful SHY little girl, stand dead center, in the spotlight and sing her heart out. I was very proud. So very proud.
This is not my favorite picture from tonight. I took a gazillion but I couldn't wait to share.

In other news, the FedEx dude came and went while I was gone! of course, he couldn't leave my new toy on the porch (which is good...if it was stolen, I would be heartbroken...) so I have to wait another day until I get the new toy.....I am not a patient woman.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am home baking cupcakes all day for Micaela's Half Birthday party on Saturday. You ever heard of this? It's especially for summer kids who get shafted in the Birthday Party hoopla....So Micaela turned 6 1/2 she'll have a skating party on Saturday so she can enjoy the hoopla with her friends. Complete with a Barbie (gag me) cake, ice cream, pizza and skating....

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