Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight.
After weeks of wiggling and movement, Micaela BEGGED me to pull the loose tooth.
So I did.
It's out and the Tooth Fairy is coming after dark.
She's one happy girl.
Adam feels completely left out because he hasn't lost any teeth yet. Poor lil guy.
The Tooth Fairy is 75% ready...

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Linda said...

4 bottoms and no tops yet?

Tell Adam, Patience is a VIRTUE (virtue is a grace, Grace was a little girl who wouldn't wash her face)

We're still waiting for the other bottom tooth (lost in November) to start growing...I KNEW it wasn't ready to come out yet - Hannah forced it loose prematurely (she has SHORT ROOTS on all her front teeth due to a mouth injury at 20 months old)