Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ain't it grand?

Ain't it grand how God puts people in your path when you most need them?
Just sharing that thought with you.

I am happy today for the following reasons:

*tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring
*we are finishing up our garden tomorrow
*I am waiting on new movies from Netflix "The Nativity Story" (which we missed seeing in AK at Christmas, couldn't bear to pay $12.00 per person to see it....) and "Blood Diamond" (Greg is not a big Leo fan but I heard it was good)...
*I have NO SOCKS in the sock baskets. Long time readers need no explanation.

What are YOU happy about today? Even if it's something small, share it.

Now, I am off to tickle, smooch and kiss some kids apart!


Linda said...

Yay for NO SOCKS!!!

I'm happy for:

1. getting my TAC order today - new stamps tu cut and play with!
2. getting the intro/cover page of my circle journal done, with anticipation of making the next 2 pages.
3. Hannah taking "art classes" during spring break from 1-5 p.m. every day, giving me a little break daily.
4. good friends who post HAPPY things and make me smile!

Scott B. said...

I am happy that I feel the slightest better than I've felt in the past five days.

Sue said...

I am happy for my life :) it is good no matter how much I bitch about it. Thanks for the diet info -- I loved the site :) -- sometimes I miss being on AOL -- did I just say that -- sorry, must be delirious!!

Kristi Mantoni said...

I'm happy that my husband will be home for dinner tomorrow and that I have a great friend named Angie!!

rennratt said...

I am happy for (in no particular order):

1. A positive turn in my husbands' health. Three months ago, his triglycerides were over 400 - and his cholesterol was over 250. As of today, those numbers are now 108 and 161! Hallelujah! (He has also lost over 30 pounds).

2. I can almost see my desk at work. As I am Paperwork Queen (aka "Queen Bee"), this is quite a feat.

3. My daughter (The Nooze) is in Kindergarten. She has the pleasure of reading out loud to a first grade class THREE TIMES A WEEK!

4. My father has decided to take up ballroom dancing. It is something that my mom always wanted to do, and he plans to learn it in her memory.

For the record, I often quote you when I am stressed out. I try my best to credit you, but generally only say "As Suzanne B would say..." People in my home group have somewhat adopted it.