Monday, March 26, 2007

almost a diagnosis

The doctor feels 99% certain that I have asthma.
I was pretty shocked. How can you have asthma and not know it? She went over my childhood medical history (terribly recurrent sinusitis, ear problems -which could both be caused by FX-. bronchitis more often than most people, and seasonal problems. Coupled with the recent breathing troubles that are instantly eased with the nebulizer, and she's almost certain that it's asthma.

(Had to share the lovely picture of me getting the test...ain't I purty? She wouldn't let me take the nose clip home..)

It's better than lung cancer.
It's not so bad.
Because...having an inhaler is COOL...isn't it?
Thank you for the prayers.


Scott B. said...

You should really visit my website daily. You never know what you might find... ;-)

Linda said...

I am so glad it's nothing WORSE...and yes, having an inhaler IS cool...especially if you get one of those really tall things that help with inhaling it.

Hey...PLEASE send me your hair...THAT'S what mine is SUPPOSED to look like (although it's getting a bit cuter since it's settled a bit, but defn needs MORE length!

MelissaR said...

I'll keep praying as you learn to manage the asthma. I've heard that, because there are so many treatment options, doctors don't always hit on the best one at first; so stay aware and, if the med isn't working, go back and ask for something different.

Thank the Lord that you have a diagnosis and it's not something more serious!

Anonymous said...

Even when you're not sick, you're still in my prayers.

Even with the nose clip, and massive instrument in your mouth, you're still quite beautiful.

I trully hope all goes well for you in your future medical appointments!