Friday, March 09, 2007

color me blessed!

Things I am blessed to have:

1. Adam is feeling much better.
2. My husband took TWO days off to allow me time to cultivate business contacts!
3. Today, I went to a LeadShare group meeting (my 1st), then went to a Ladies group at a church in my town. I was invited by Barbara Curtis, whose blog you can find at, she's awesome!)
4. I had lunch with Barbara, we shared stories, jokes and at least two hugs!
5. It's Friday and WE HAVE RESPITE TOMORROW!!!

Wooooooo Hoooo! I am a blessed gal today!

Photo taken at the Blue Ridge Bible Church, March 9th.


Anonymous said...

You look happy in that picture. I truly hope things are going well for you and your business! I hope you are feeling better too! I really do love your blog, you know! Have a great weekend!


Linda said...

didja tell her I said hello???? Looks like you really enjoyed it!