Wednesday, March 14, 2007

deer in NoVa

One of the things I liked about living in Alaska was the MOOSE.
If you didn't bother or scare them, they would leave you alone. RESPECT NATURE!
The kids were seriously bummed when they found out that Northern Virginia does not have MOOSE. Deer are not the same. A moose will stand there and look at you. A deer will run off.

We were on the way home from a gig recon and we saw this scene...
13 deer on ONE hill. There were more but, of course, they ran off.
The photo is not doctored, I didn't PhotoShop deer into it..


PattiB said...

I didn't know you are from AK!! I lived there for about 6 mos in 1993. I lived in Anchorage (well, actually on Elmendorf AFB). I really want to go back and take my Hubby and son.

Linda said...

Great shot - I believe you...I know you didn't alter that!

We have 4 deer that come to visit from time to time. They come right up to our deck, which backs up to a tiny patch of trees - it's a strip of woodland that hasn't been cut. The kids love to see them.