Wednesday, March 28, 2007

it's all about the dress....

Every girl knows that when you get asked to a formal, that it's ALL about the dress.
Well, it's no different if you're 6.5 years old.
Micaela has been invited to attend the Old Guard Ball on May 4th, on her Daddy's arm. (It's impossible to get respite care for 3 kids and it would cost a small fortune, so Greg thought it would be nice to escort his daughter.)

So we have been looking for THE DRESS.

Well, I found this one today at Wal-Mart, it was on sale (because it's technially an Easter dress.) The Ball is on May 4th, so I know it'll be warm.
I bought her a matching purse and a bracelet. All told, I spent $20.00!
Micaela is soooo excited. The date is already circled on her calendar.

First, it's the TOG Ball......soon it will be prom, then her wedding.
She's growing up so fast.


rennratt said...

That is wonderful!

I am not so secretly jealous. Chachi will do almost anything with the Nooze - except dance.

That should explain why he teaches her science and the physics of airplanes...and I am escorting her to the Kindergarten Sock Hop.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Oooh! What a fun dress! I think she needs light pink nail polish for the big night too!

Linda said...

Oh, how SWEET....there are SO few young ladies who get an opportunity to get to a ball with their father. I think someday I will give Hannah that opportunity as well...even thought I adore going to balls myself!

that is a gorgeous dress, and Micaela and Greg are both blessed to have you in their could be sulking and saying YOU want to go...Better take a LOT of pictures!!!!