Wednesday, March 14, 2007


My mom told me I would know I was old when I started reading cookbooks for fun...
Well, I am OLD....and I love it.
I also love this cookbook series by Ann Hodgman.....(There's Beat This!, which was followed by Beat That!)
I bought mine on years ago and LOVE THEM!
I made homemade lemonade today (pg 124) today and my kids think I am a total ROCK STAR MOM. I know that frozen lemonade is cheap, but man, that stuff tastes awesome! And I can't wait to make Watermelon Sorbet this summer.
Yeah, I'm old...but I have some seriously yummy recipes!
This book is funny, sarcastic and has GREAT recipes. If you can't buy it, check it out at your local library. Maybe I'll start a day each week where I share one of my cookbooks with you. I could go for MONTHS on cookbooks reviews. (My mom could go for YEARS, that woman has probably 10 cookbooks for every year she's been alive. She's the BEST cook in the world.)
But she doesn't have the recipe for Homemade Lemonade.....hehehehe..


Linda said...

going to have to go look for those Beat cookbooks - I too, have a love of cookbooks. I collect the PC Season's best...I honestly don't think I've made more than one recipe out of them. I am forever cutting recipes out and filing them, but not using them. I have a subscription to Simple and Delicious, yet I rarely make anything...but I can DREAM, can't I?????

Dawn Mercedes said...

That is so true...My mom borrows cookbooks from the library and reads them or orders them from a used book site on line. Too funny. I'll have to keep that in mind when I start reading them.

BTW, did you draw a name for the acrylic stamps? I was trying to find it and must be missing something!

MelissaR said...

I've been collecting cookbooks since I was 20-something, so maybe I've always been old! [grin] I like the Beat This book, too, but I think the only recipe I've used is for lemon bars (yum).

gremhog said...

I'm the mother who takes out cookbooks from the library first....I do do that. I love cookbooks. and if they are expensive and I am broke, I have been known to type up all the recipes that interest me. Amazing, isn't it? And yes, I am pretty ancient. I still cook every dinner and seldom use prepared foods. Oh well....Thanx for these recommendations. I am off to the library set to request them.


Rosella said...

What can I say? I really enjoy looking at or reading cookbooks (so I guess I'm old too?!), but I don't like cooking very much. I would love to see some tried recipes on your blog!