Saturday, March 17, 2007

new lens

This week was a blur. So busy. Running here and there.
Had a great time at the Lost Creek Winery, for a Chamber of Commerce function. I even bought a bottle of wine (I love fruity wines, this one is APPLE! yum!) Who knew a Chamber Event could be so much fun?
I have a Belly shoot today. A friend of ours, Melissa, (she's one of my husband's soldiers)'s her 2nd baby. As soon as I heard she was pregnant, I begged her to let me do the shoot when she started showing. I can't wait!! I will try to share some of the shots later....
Well, my sweet husband surprised me this week....He bought me a new lens. I don't particularly like flowers, but new lens? OH yeah!! It's a Zuiko 50mm fixed lens and it's awesome.
This will come in very handy next weekend when I shoot a wedding, in extremely low light.
Greg took this picture of my eye....he says (sappy alert: "those are the eyes I fell in love with"....aaawwww! He's sweet...)
Anyhow, it proves that my eyes are HAZEL and not brown. And don't even look at the bags under my eyes, and NO make-up!! Ick! I look tired.
It's been a long but good week.

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Linda said...

Now, see...I would have thought you had mascara and a peachy/pink eyeshadow on. Scott tells me I have a "natural eyeshadow"...guess you do too! Happy day with a NEW lens!!!