Thursday, March 22, 2007

overheard in the garden today

Adam and I needed some time outdoors today.
Spring is just HOLLERING his name.
So I unloaded the bags of dirt and we got cracking on the garden.

Now, you'll just have to imagine a boy's boy, who is as rough and tumble as they come, but he does NOT like dirt on his hands. Dirt that gets on his hands in the commission of playing, fine. But purposeful dirt, asin garden soil.....not so much.

So we talked while we gardened.

"Mom, how do you make dirt?"
"Why did we buy bags of dirt? We have dirt in the yard."
"How do you make seeds?"
"Why are seeds so small?"
"was I a seed in Heaven?" (love this one best of all)
"Micaela will be mad because she didn't get to put out seeds" (So sweet that he thinks of his sister)
"Dirt stinks." (then he wiped his dirt covered hands on my white shirt.)

Oh the joy of gardening.
The good news is that my tulips are coming up nicely. My Daffodils are just fine (I adore daffodils, no one can be sad around daffodils!!) And the wildflowers we planted today should be noticable in a few short weeks.

I am not a gardener by nature. It's like me speaking German, I can do it if I read up on it for a long time, but it's a struggle. I am fine in the kitchen but I am not at home in the dirt.

Maybe someday, I'll plant roses. My Dad had amazing rose bushes. I could plant one in his memory. This year marks the 10th year that he's been gone. Maybe I'll do that. I'll plant something in his memory.


Linda said...

I think a rose bush commemorating your dad would be wonderful! They are relatively easy to care for, and I think the with environment you are in they would do well.

LOVE the "why did we buy dirt" comment....

I'm going to plant some wildflower (shade lovers) and some sunflower seeds. No guarantee that they'll grow, as they are old and have been in storage, but I'd rather TRY then just TOSS....

MelissaR said...

I garden, too, even though it seems that most of my neighbors have changed over to low-maintenance landscaping. And I love daffodils! I planted some bulbs last fall--I think the daffodils are supposed to be "colossal"--but I can't remember where I planted them! I hope they show up soon. :)