Sunday, March 18, 2007


It was a busy day.
Did the 2nd recon for the wedding, which is this Friday. I feel better about the lighting situation now. I just want to capture the event as best I can for the Bride.
Went looking at trees today. I have a thing about trees and LEAVES. In Fall, I must take 1,000 pictures of random leaves. In winter, I like to document trees that are barren of leaves, preparing to surrender themselves to Spring. Fills me with such a sense of renewal.
I'll do the drawing tomorrow for the stamp set. I'm already for the NEXT giveaway.
What good is having STUFF if you don't share it?
I actually scrapped 4 pages last week, I am just not ready to share them yet....


Allison said...

I love this picture! If I was at all handy with a camera, I would take lots of pictures just like this one!

Dawn Mercedes said...

You are keeping me in suspense for the winner of that awesome easster set!

gremhog said...

just wondering if you post the winner for your candy on this site or do you notify the winner personally. I keep checking back but still see no winner but other blog entries.

I'm still hopeful.