Friday, March 02, 2007


Thank God it's Friday.
Literally.....I am thanking God.
There's so much going on right now.
I know He is leading me.

Went to various places in and around homebase, about displaying my work. Some of the places look very promising. Others, not so much. Since these are MY photographs, I am a little picky about where they're displayed. I looked at two places that I liked, two other that I didn't. Should I be so picky? You bet....

Went to the local consignment store. Swore I wasn't going to buy anymore stamps.....but look what they had for only $2.00!!

Of course, I had to buy it!!

I am glad that it's the weekend. I have a gig on Sunday, but otherwise, it's down time. Quiet time....looking forward to that. Every weekend until April is booked.



Sue said...

I know, I go out with the same mindset "I will not buy any more scrap crap" and here I go again :)

Lori Plach said...

Oh sure, we all say we won't buy any more but then we find a good deal on something and the creative juices start flowing until we sit down to stamp or scrap, then the creativity goes down the tubes. Do any of you have that happen to you?

Dawn Mercedes said...

wow! what a find!