Wednesday, March 07, 2007


a long night.....A coughing, feverish child. I slept beside him on our fold out couch.
I'm a little sleepy this morning, but blessed that I can comfort him. He slept with his head against my shoulder from 3am-5am, poor thing....

WOW, 18 comments so far on the giveaway. That's the most comments on one day I think I've ever had. I'll have one of the kids draw the winner of the stamps tomorrow. I already have picked out what's next to give away.

This whole giveaway thing has a purpose behind it. I've really been doing a lot of thoughtful prayer on this. It's not a knee jerk reaction. It's something much deeper. You'll see....when I'm ready to put it all into words, I'll share it.

now, back to the sick little boy.

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doverdi said...

I hope that your little one is feeling better. I remember those days/nights very well. It's so tough when they're little and not feeling well. Mommy always makes them feel a bit better though. My little one will be 21 this month and I miss the days when mommy could make everything all better. lol