Sunday, April 22, 2007


Because she truly dances to the beat of a different drum;

Because you SHOULD dance like no one is looking;

Because I have a camera and I said so;

Because no matter what kid of day you've had, you probably have not had enough "silly".

Because I adore her, just the way she is....

My Micaela....goofy, playful and so out there.....
She would be floored to know that I used to dance/cheer and do gymnastic shows in my front yard, too. Thank God my Mom didn't have a digital camera!!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Haha...cute entry. My 6 year old DD does dances/routines too. We need to get some of it captured on camera before she outgrows this stage too! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

My gosh how true is that.....if only digital cameras existed back then. LOL! I love watching kids play. It is so invigorating.