Monday, April 30, 2007

a blog winner (hopefully)

I e-mailed the winner of the Mother's Day contest. She never responded....don't know if I had her e-mail address wrong but I gave her 3 days...

So Adam helped me picked another winner....Funny thing is, this person contacted me not 3 minutes before we re-drew the winner.....

So here's what the winner had to say:

doverdi said...
What I learned from my mom was how to sacrifice for the good of the family. After my father's death, my mom had 3 of us to raise on very little money. She did without, so we wouldn't have to. After my divorce I found myself in similiar circumstances being a single parent and having to sacrifice so my child could have the same wonderful childhood memories that I had. I learnt the value and importance of family from my mother and hope that I have instilled this in my child.

As for what I'd like for Mother's Day, I'd love a Cuttlebug & some folders. lol

---so Diane, e-mail me privately (NOT IN COMMENTS) and give me your shipping address and I will mail it. I am scheduled to go to dreaeded Post Office tomorrow, so don't wait!! And congrats. And you have excellent taste, I adore my CuttleBug.

Thanks for everyone sharing their Mom stories....Another giveaway is just waiting in the wings. (hint: it involves CuttleBug folders....)

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