Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday (late)

I know I am late posting for Friday.
I just didn't have it together yesterday, at all.
I had a bunch of business stuff yesterday and just felt out of sorts, you know?

Yesterday was the 10th annivesary of my dad's death. Ten years ago.....I had wanted to go into DC to light a candle at the National Cathedral (which I have done since I have lived here...) but weather and time conspired against me. Plus I had a lot of trouble breathing yesterday. Not good for traveling..

But I did think about my Dad a lot. And how much I wish he'd lived long enough to see me truly happy (which is very selfish of me) and I wish he'd known my husband and my two younger children. Don't get me wrong: I think my Dad knew Micaela in Heaven before I did. And he's laughing his butt off that I am getting what I dished out as a kid.

I thought about planting a rose bush in my dad's memory. (but I am not the most skilled gardener and roses are picky.) He loved his roses. He even named them.

Well, it's 4am on Saturday morning, can't lie down. Makes it hard to breathe. The pressure in my chest increases when I lie on my back. Like a toddler sitting on me all the time. So I am going to go sit and read my library books. I am Book #3 of the Left Behind series...


Anonymous said...

You know you truly loved someone when even after 10 years you still lament and grieve over losing them. I am truly sorry for you. I hope your sorrow and your breathing both get better very soon! You'll be in my prayers.


Linda said...

As ever, praying for you.