Monday, April 09, 2007

leftover Easter greetings

a must see on YouTube. Love that song! I could listen to that over and powerful.

My last few days, I spent in prayer for Pauline and her family. It changed something for me. The stuff that I would usually talk about here seemed so pointless and trivial... So meaningless. All I could think about was Catherine and Bret, Pauline's parents. And how they hearts were aching, knowing their daughter would not recover. I cannot imagine a world without my own daughter. Never hearing her laugh again, not seeing her smile. I cannot even comprehend the depth of that loss. Pauline was a miracle. Born with various serious disabilities, she was not expected to live at birth. But she lived, and thrived, and touched lives for 13 YEARS. I am at a loss on how to comfort her family. All I can to do is pray.

So for now, I am putting aside the frivolity and concentrating on what really matters.
Not stuff.
Not things.
But savoring the moments, appreciating people more, improving my relationship with God.
I feel compelled to do so.

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