Wednesday, April 18, 2007

lots of glue

Today, while out and about, Adam saw an old lady.
I really have to watch him because his mouth lacks a tact-filter.
I do try, don't get me wrong....but he blurts stuff out before I can steer him away.

So we're at Recollections, on the quest for a round scalloped punch, which is impossible to find and I don't really NEED, I just WANT it.....but I digress.....
And Adam spots an old lady. She was maybe 80 years old.
I noticed that he was STARING and I thought, "diversion needed.." I was not quick enough.

He blurts out: "That lady is OLD!!"

As luck would have it, this woman had bionic hearing....but she had a good attitude and agreed with him that she was, indeed, old.

I used this as an opportunity to talk about tact, differences and the like. And I asked Adam how he knew she was old. He said that her hair and her skin made her old. So I asked him, "What do you mean?"

So he looks at me, deadly serious, and says, "Well.....if you do stupid things to your hair, like paint it white or if your skin hangs down or has those elephant wrinkles, that means you're old."

I then told him that I, myself, was a little old. That I had wrinkles near my eyes and mouth. So wanted to "inspect" my oldness up close.

After looking at the beginning of crow's feet near my eyes, he declared that he could fix it. (Remember, he's a guy, meaning he wants to FIX EVERYTHING.)

Staring at him in the rear-view mirror and stifling a giggle, I asked, "How would you fix it....?"

He sighed deeply, looked out the window, and said, "It'll take lots of glue, Mom."

So true.....oh so true.

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Linda said...

give me glue, staples, and a lot of work...that's what it'll take for me!