Thursday, April 19, 2007

perfect timing

I went to a crop at my church the other day. Got to hang with my friend Shauna. She's awesome.....I scrapped NINE pages. Had to journal with my own ghastly hand-writing (ick), but I got the pages done. In 30 years, when my kids have kids, they won't care if it was typed or hand-written. They will just care that I cared enough to write their stories down....

ANYHOW......I digress.

I didn't have current pictures to scrap! NONE....Not a one. So I was scrapping stuff from early 2006.....I really need to get some pictures printed. But I am cheap. You know, some online place is always offering a deal, so I saw this on Karen Russell's blog today (in fact, I totally cut & pasted it here...) just got moved into their new location and are having a move-in special on prints - here's a link to that too. If you haven't used them before and want to try them out, you can start an account and use this code: QAZ937 to get 15 free 4x6 prints.

I love They rock!! So I am going to be uploading tonight. I am going to record "Gray's" and watch it later when I can't sleep.

Now the question many pictures do I print? It's a tough choice when you have kids as cute as mine.....

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