Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This all started with Greg going TDY.
When he goes out of town, he brings back small gifts for the kids. Well , this time he brought back hair bands for Micaela, he'd thought they were bracelets but upon closer examination discovered that they are hair bands. Well, Micaela has short hair. But that didn't stop her from wanting pig tails like many of her classmates.
So I did her hair up like as more of a joke. Then she wanted to go to school like I let her. EVERYONE noticed. She was tickled pink.
So again, today with the pigtails.....
Isn't this a scrapbook page just begging to be made? I think so.


Linda said...

Oh how I wish Hannah would let me make pigtails! She's got the hair for it. She only wears one ponytail in the back, or a 1/2 ponytail on piggies, no braids...sigh....

Love, love, LOVE Micaela's piggies!

PattiB said...

Could she be any CUTER!!???

rennratt said...

THAT is adorable!

Has she tried to do her OWN hair for school yet?

Each time Nooze tries, I simply tell her 'Then I must send a note to your teacher letting her know that you are "expressing your creativity" today. I will NOT be saddled with creating THAT hairstyle!'

I'm a tomboy as it is. I can't be blamed for things I didn't do!