Sunday, April 22, 2007

tagged! Part 2

Okay, I am totally buckling to pressure....I will list some blogs that I visit daily.....Like I said, I use Bloglines, so it's a one-click stop for me, but here's who I like to keep up with (in no particular order):

[b]ecker's blog
Actual Unretouched Photo
All Things I Love
Mommy Life
Trevor's Blog
Want Not
Washington Post Book reviews

Take note that I could NOT post only 5. I have....131 my Bloglines. I left a WHOLE bunch....but this is just a mere smattering of what I like to read.

so there......and in defiance, I am tagging no one. Except MacDonald Clan my cosmic sister. And rennratt who makes me laugh.

Happy now?


Linda said...

well, freak in have some of MY favs....sheesh! But I will play along...soon. going to have to find my faves amongst my big sage rss reader...

rennratt said...


I'm a little late to the game, sorry.

I will post mine ASAP.

Mel said...

I'm happy to have made your list!